The Little Book of Gratitude

Gratitude is the simple, scientifically proven way to increase happiness and encourage greater joy, love, peace, and optimism into our lives. Dr. Emmons gives us the research to support this and provides related activities – things to do today to increase our happiness and wellbeing. He has done a masterful job of teaching us how to create and grow our own practice of gratitude. The 100 “little” pages are filled with enormously powerful ideas and tools. This is a beautiful tapestry of the science, beauty and power of “giving away the goodness.” It is an effective tool for inspiring us to change the way we approach our daily lives and how we interact with the world.

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Book Joy in every moment
Joy in Every Moment

This exuberant celebration of joy is rich with wisdom and practical suggestions of how to find the path to peace and contentment. It is a real treasury of small, creative ways to shift your perspective and uncover surprising moments of joy that can spring up during the course of your day. Joy is already here, just waiting for you to discover it and this book guides you to see life with fresh eyes. We are given the chance every moment to master the art of joy by loosening up, experiencing beauty, savouring little luxuries, and ending each day by celebrating these magical moments

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Book -Start where you are
Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are – A Journal of Self-Exploration
This is an interactive journal designed to help readers nurture their creativity. It is a lovely combination of beautiful, playful watercolours, inspirational quotes, and exercises or prompts to help you express yourself. In fact, Start Where You Are is a great introduction to visual journaling itself. The questions posed in the exercises work well as prompts for introspection and self-discovery and can work as profoundly as you want them to. The prompts on each page make it very easy to think of things to write. It is a lovely size and a journal you can dip in and out of whenever you wish.

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Book- the things you can see only when you slow down
The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down – Haemin Sunim

Sunim, a Korean Buddhist monk educated in America, confronts life’s challenges in this practical book which has sold more than three million copies. In this compelling guide, with truly beautiful illustrations, Sunim, who has experienced a lifetime of change, offers spiritual advice on wellbeing and happiness, divided into eight areas to include; Rest, Relationships, Love, Spirituality and more.

He speaks directly to the anxieties that are part of modern living, with simple, compassionate teachings that transcend religion, borders and ages. They are a calming reminder of the strength and joy that come from slowing down.

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Book-The wellbeing journal
The Wellbeing Journal

The Wellbeing Journal – Creative Activities to Inspire:
This is a very pretty, structured journal that’s perfect for when you’re feeling tired or stressed. It aims to help you find your sense of wellbeing with structured tasks to gain insight on your feelings, be kinder to yourself and relax. It has beautiful quotations, lots of pages for writing your own thoughts, and some colouring pages to focus your mind. It is a beautifully illustrated book that can be used as a diary, sketchpad or personal journal.

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Book Walk: The path to a slower, more mindful life
Walk: The path to a slower, more mindful life

This hand book is beautiful in its simplicity in text and illustration. It combines the important elements of mindfulness within a step by step guide using the activity of walking as the primary focus of attention. The biggest benefit of walking is that it takes us outside and brings us in contact with nature, which improves our psychological and physical wellbeing. Radford is a teacher of mindfulness at the Centre for Mindfulness Bangor University and in this book he guides us to open up our senses and take in the full tapestry of our experience in the moment. This is a peaceful and inspirational book, easy to read with simple exercises to use. It is perfect as a guide book for a more mindful walking practice.

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Book-Wisdom for Our Times
Wisdom for Our Times

Wisdom for Our Times is a book of inspiring quotations from great writers about the most important human values – kindness, perseverance, hope and courage. It helps us to take the best values of the past with us into the future. This book brings a deep sense of peace and calm. It is beautifully illustrated and makes a thoughtful gift of lifelong value.

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Write it Down

Write It Down, Let It Go A Worry Release Journal

Writing down worries reduces stress and provides long-term health benefits. This is a little journal where you can do just that. One side of each page encouragers you to record your worries and quieten down your anxious thoughts, while the opposite page facilitates you to reframe your anxiety into positive thoughts and actions. It contains many helpful mindfulness exercises based on sound therapeutic practices, has a lovely soothing colour palette and many inspiring quotations. It is an inviting place to release your worries and let them go.

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Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth is a book of inspirations  to bring insight,peace and joy to busy modern lives

The quotations are drawn from beloved writers and thinkers such as the Tao Te Ching, Rumi, Zen Haiku, and the great poets like Wordsworth and Rilke.



These distilled gems of  wisdom can be revisited again and again, bringing  wonder and light into your life.

Art and Words to Inspire

The original artwork inspires peace and tranquility.

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