Love What You Do

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People often say they don’t feel fulfilled in their job. We often feel anxious and stressed about work and blame the job for our discontent. We expect it to deliver satisfaction on a plate to us and are always looking for our “ideal job”. There is a fundamental disconnect here.

Our attitude plays a very significant role. We need to resist the tendency to rush into things and hurry through everything, just wanting to “get it over with”.


It is very valuable to savour whatever we are doing, do it for its own sake and resist the temptation to judge whether it is interesting enough.

As Steve Jobs put it- “Love what you do”.


If there can be a sense of quality in our work, even in the most simple activity, only then can everything we do become real and we feel fulfilled. If we open ourselves to each task, we will come to love it. If we can respond whole-heartedly and authentically, it will be life –giving for ourselves and others.