Love What You Do

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    People often say they don’t feel fulfilled in their job. We often feel anxious and stressed about work and blame the job for our discontent. We expect it to deliver satisfaction on a plate to us and are always looking for our “ideal job”. There is a fundamental … Read More

Change your thoughts

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Change your thoughts and you change your world Our happiness greatly relies on the way we think. We are so often the victims of the stories we weave in our heads and our inner judgemental voice. We get caught up in negativity, projections and reactions. This causes us to feel … Read More

How Inspirational Quotes can bring light into our lives

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Inspirational Quotes can bring light into our lives Inspirational quotes can capture those glints of light that ignite our lives. They are like a touchstone for different milestones on our journey through life. They can touch our hearts, reassure us in moments of distress, help us see the light in … Read More

Mind full, or Mindful?

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Mind full, or mindful? Our conscious mind is very busy, always running around like an excited monkey. Our thoughts unconsciously judge and filter our experiences causing us to feel unhappy. There are some powerful mindfulness tools that we can use to cut through this fog into the state of being … Read More

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