About Stone Circle Inspirations

Stone Circle offers a collection unique hand-made journals created by Anne Courtney, and a selection of mindful gift books. They make a special gift – a joy to give and to receive.

The Power of Words

I have always kept a journal and I find that the act of writing helps me stay grounded and gives me an invaluable perspective on the tapestry of life. I always take time to find a special book in which to chart the important changes and milestones of life.

This inspired me to create a collection of hand bound journals, covered in stunning hand painted silk or art fabric, perfect to store your thoughts and record life’s journey.

The Power of Writing

I have always kept a journal and I find that making notes is a powerful way to capture the moment . Keeping a journal helps me stay grounded and is a special place to  note milestones and  inspirations. I  like to find a special book for my writing  which prompted me to create a personal collection of handcrafted journals and notebooks.

Journals - Handcrafted with Love

I have always treasured craftsmanship and place great value on the “mark of the hand” which makes objects unique in today’s disposable culture. As a silk painter I love the texture and luminous colour on silk and the feel of natural fabrics. All my journals are hand crafted and make a perfect gift.

Creating this collection has been a labour of love and I hope that they will be a joy for you to use as a Gratitude, Dream or Personal Journal, or simply a notebook to jot down ideas.

gems of wisdom to inspire your life The stone circle is a metaphor for the circle of life,

of friendship, of wholeness, and the cyclical energy

of the universe in which we play our part.

Be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe,

 no less than the trees and the stars

- Max Ehrmann

anne -stonecircleLiving in Ireland, I am inspired by the spiritual wisdom of the Celtic world and the rich legacy of writers. As a choreographer, I’ve worked for many years in Asia where I discovered the riches of Zen meditation, studied silk painting, and learned Tai Chi with Chinese masters.