Penning your thoughts in a journal

5 Reasons why keeping a journal benefits your life

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Keeping a journal is your book of life

 For me, writing a journal became a way for me to capture inspiring lines of poetry or great writing that impacts on my life experience. It is a way for me to capture the essence and hold them in a place where I can find them instantly.

There are very many approaches and reasons to keep a journal which include; keeping a diary of important milestones in your life, capturing that great idea before it fades from consciousness, or charting what makes us feel alive through the practice of writing expressively in a Mindfulness or Gratitude Journal.

The 5 benefits to keeping a journal:

There are well-known therapeutic benefits in keeping a journal which include sparking creativity to reducing stress to promoting self-knowledge. Even 15 minutes a day can bring surprising benefits:

  1. Gratitude journaling can make you happier.

The act of recording the things we are grateful for boosts our sense of wellbeing. It reminds us we should take time to appreciate what we have — rather than focusing on what we don’t — by keeping a gratitude journal.

  1. Writing in a diary can reduce stress.

It is easy to get carried away with the busyness of everyday life and work overload. When we feel overwhelmed, organizing our thoughts in a journal can help facilitate problem-solving and therefore reduce the stress of negative thoughts and problems that are troubling us.

  1. It forces us to unplug from technology and recharge

The demands of modern technology and social media can cause burn out. There is no more effective way to still a busy mind than to disconnect from our phones and laptops and sit alone and reflect.

  1. Journaling can help us identify and disown negative thoughts.

Writing down our negative thoughts and actions can help us identify them and distance ourselves from them. Sometimes the physical act of throwing them in the bin can be a strangely effective way to clear the mind.

  1. Its empowering.

We can change a lifetime of habits through journal writing and a special journal is a treasure..Through writing we can define where we are in life and reflect on changes we would like to make. It gives us a clear perspective on our life’s experiences. It is a clear reminder that we are in control of our own destiny.


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