Hand-painted Silk Gifts

Silk Gifts offers a beautiful collection of handcrafted journals in 100% pure silk and art fabric to store your ideas and record life’s important milestones.

Made with love, each book is unique and celebrates meticulous craftsmanship in this age of the disposable.

Limited Editions

These journals and notebooks are a limited edition and make a very special gift as a Gratitude, Dream, or Creative Writing Journal or just a notebook to pop in your bag.

Handpainted Tulip on Silk

Watercolours on Silk

a collection of silk paintings  inspired by the colours and hues of nature


Hand-painted silk scarves

This collection of 100% silk scarves are hand painted on luxurious pure silk. The colour palette is inspired by the ever-changing colours and hues of nature and the play of light on the silk. No two items are identical, making a unique gift to wear or to give..

Gift-BooksGift Books   Words to live by: - Great quotations can change people and change their lives.

- a selection of beautiful, thoughtful books – a gift of mindfulness.

These little books are full of wisdom and insight that can provide useful prompts for your journaling and encourage you to lead a more enriched life. Each book is illustrated with beautiful imagery to express the words of reflection