About Stone Circle Inspirations

Stone Circle  Inspirations  is a collection Inspirational quotes and unique hand made journals;

The Power of Words

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Anne Courtney

I have always been inspired by the gems of wisdom  from the great writers ,poets and philosophers and set up a Facebook page to share these insights.

These insights have guided me throughout my life.They have linked the milestones of my life like a necklace of precious stones and provided inspiration for my writing.

Many people have asked me if I could make these quotes available in a print format so that the could frame them and give them as gifts to their friends .This has prompted me to create this site stonecircle inspirations to make available as selection of quotes and images which resonated with them.

Each quote is set in delicate handwritten and specially chosen styles to best reflect the message.

These inspirational quotes will lift your spirits and help you celebrate your life.

They offer insight and wisdom for a change of direction, a new career, a new home, and for the crossroads and milestones in life.

My hope  is that they will be a clarion call urging you to have the courage of your convictions to follow your heart and see how the universe will open doors for you.

The Power of Writing

I have always kept a journal and I find that making notes is a powerful way to capture the moment . Keeping a journal helps me stay grounded and is a special place to  note milestones and  inspirations. I  like to find a special book for my writing  which prompted me to create a personal collection of handcrafted journals and notebooks.

Journals – Handcrafted with Love

I have always treasured craftsmanship  and value the “mark of the hand” which makes objects unique in today’s disposable age. As a silk painter I love the texture and luminous colour on silk and the feel of natural fabrics. I usually hand craft my journals and I have received several requests from people who would like to purchase them  as a gift .

As a result, I have been encouraged  have put together a  collection of hand bound journals , covered in stunning hand painted silk or  art fabric,  to store your thoughts and record life’s journey.

Creating this collection has been a labour of love and I hope that they will be a joy for you either to have or gift, or use as a Gratitude,Dream or ideas notebook.

gems of wisdom to inspire your life.

The stone circle is a metaphor for the circle of life, of friendship, of wholeness, and the cyclical energy of the universe.