About Stone Circle Inspirations

Stone Circle  Inspirations  is a collection Inspirational quotes and unique hand made journals;

Inspirational Quotes – Ready to Frame

Each quote is set in delicate handwritten and specially chosen styles to best reflect the message – ready to frame

These inspirational quotes will lift your spirits and help you celebrate your life.

They offer insight and wisdom for a change of direction, a new career, a new home, and for the crossroads and milestones in life.

They are clarion calls urging us to have the courage of our convictions, to give ourselves space to grow, to listen deeply, to follow our heart and see how the universe will open doors for us.

Unique  Hand-painted  Silk and  Art Fabric  Journals

A collection of hand bound journals art, covered in stunning hand painted silk or Japanese art fabric,  to store your thoughts and record life’s journey.

They are ideal for Free writing, Gratitude, Dream or Ideas Journals and make a perfect gift.

gems of wisdom to inspire your life.

The stone circle is a metaphor for the circle of life, of friendship, of wholeness, and the cyclical energy of the universe.



Anne Courtney

anne -stonecircleI have always been inspired by distilled gems of wisdom and insights from great writers and thinkers from east and west. They have linked the milestones of my life like a necklace of precious stones, which has been the motivation for me to create this website.

Having grown up in Ireland, influenced by Celtic wisdom, I’ve spent many years working as a choreographer in South East Asia where I discovered the riches of Buddhist meditation and studied Tai Chi with Chinese masters.

Inspired by the patterns of nature, I studied silk painting and the Japanese techniques of Shibori. I love to work with silk and natural fabrics. I make hand painted silk journals and notebooks to record life’s journey.